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Do I have to pay occupancy tax on my rental revenue?

Occupancy tax is a tax on the rental of rooms that your state or locality may require. In many places this is known as an occupancy tax, but may also be known as a lodging tax, a room tax, a sales tax, a tourist tax, or a hotel tax.

Occupancy tax rates and rules vary by city, county, state, and country. They’re generally owed on the accommodations price plus any fees for other items, like cleanings or extra guests. In some places, occupancy tax is required on a per person, per night basis. There are typically long-term stay exceptions that exempt reservations over a certain number of nights. Occupancy tax is generally paid by the guest, but the obligation to remit the taxes to the government usually falls on the host. We expect all hosts to familiarize themselves with and follow their local laws and regulations.

You will need to clarify specific tax obligations with your landlord and local tax office. Footballbnb does not provide any tax advice.